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December 20, 2011

Dipping Into the World of Swiss Fondue


Franke and Cheese Fondue have a lot in common. Not only do both have strong traditional ties to the beautiful land of Switzerland but they also tend to attract people, in an enticing way, to the kitchen.

Oh – and another commonality? They happen to be my two favorite parts of the Swiss culture.

With the weather here on the East Coast getting colder by the day and my pending business trip to our corporate headquarters in Switzerland this coming January, I can’t help having that rich cheesy goodness on the mind.



Every year, I kick the Holiday season off with a great big steaming pot of Fondue for my family to enjoy. This year, with my trip around the corner, I’ve got an even greater desire to whip up the ultimate Swiss Fondue – and to document every moment of my cheesy adventure for all to see.

Before diving into the kitchen to get started though, I’ve been doing a little research on the background of this Swiss favorite and thought you might like to might melt into a little bit of history that I stumbled across, in order to set the stage for what’s to come.


After doing a little digging, I discovered that there are actually two (very contradictory) schools of thought on where Swiss Cheese Fondue actually found its beginnings. One story suggests that the fondue started as a way for peasants of the more rural regions of Switzerland to manage their bread and cheese rations that became stale and unfavorable over time. The stale bread came back to life when dipped into a melted pot of aged cheese, becoming a classic winter meal for those less fortunate. It’s said that they even began to augment the basic recipe with different wines and seasonings to “spice things up” a bit.

The other claim, however, was that this meal was consumed by only the aristocrats, who had the fondue prepared with only the finest ingredients.

No matter what story you believe to be true, when it comes to a mouth-watering portion of this traditional fare, I’m not sure that there are many people out there who don’t enjoy that smooth creamy taste of melted cheese over…well, anything?


For more on my Swiss Fondue cooking adventure, check in on Facebook for updates and dip into next week’s post to see what’s bubbling! Things are about to get awfully cheesy….mmmm…I can taste it now!

Cathy Gutkowski
Franke Kitchen Systems – Luxury Products Group

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