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December 14, 2011

The Kitchen Sink Dilemma

 As Merchandising and Marketing Supervisor at Best Plumbing Tile and Stone, I’m surrounded every day by great home renovation products. Now, I’m in the proc ess of planning for my own kitchen renovation and I’m looking to get some outside advice on the most important part of this re-design – the  kitchen sink.

The sink placement is not up to par, but to save money I am not moving any of the plumbing.  Right now I have what I call a butterfly sink (see picture right).  The bowls are tiny and shallow, making it impossible to clean baking sheets and pots or pans.   

 Since the sink cabinets are on a 90 degree angle, there wasn’t much more that could be done here.  They are not popular at all anymore, and very few companies even offer this type of corner sink. I was also told that it is impossible to use granite or marble countertops with this kind of sink because of the small L section of counter in front of the sink.

That being said, the first major change I am making on in this area is changing the cabinet to a diagonal corner cabinet so I can stand comfortably at the sink.  This means that instead of the sharp corner in between these two bowls, it will cut straight across.  This also allows me to incorporate a large rectangular sink into the space, which is the most exciting part!

When considering the type of sink that would work best, there is one very important factor that I’ve been keeping in mind. My home was built in 1929, and I want to keep the character of the home intact.  I have all of the original moldings, the original hardwood floors, original fireplace mantel, etc.  For my kitchen, I am trying to keep the look traditional while using modern day appliances to make my life a bit easier.  All of my appliances will be stainless, but the kitchen is going to be very traditional with a white marble top.

So now I am trying to decide on which sink to use!  I have it narrowed down to three single bowl sinks, two Stainless Steel and one Cast Iron.   Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to maintain when talking about kitchen sinks, and it would match all of my appliances.  I believe most house hunters are looking for stainless steel sinks, so this would also be a good choice for resale, which is always a consideration for me. My favorite stainless steel sink is Franke’s Peak, but it may be a bit too contemporary for the traditional look I’m going for.  Franke’s EuroPro is also a great sink, and would fit nicely in my corner cabinet. 


The other sink I am looking at is Cast Iron.  What I love about this sink is that I can get it in a color of my choice.  Cast Iron is also a very durable material, but the white will show dirt quite a bit more than the Franke sink. 

Any professional designers and architects out there have opinions on this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!  

  Kymberly Weiner
  Best Plumbing Tile & Stone

  Merchandising and Marketing Supervisor
Best Plumbing Tile & Stone

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