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The Franke Kitchen Systems blog has been created as an inspirational and information hub for all those who are passionate about kitchen design, architecture and luxury living.

Meet our Bloggers – get to know our elite editorial team.

As the marketing representative for Franke and the editorial lead on this blog, it’s my pleasure to bring designers, architects, “lovers of luxury  living,” and all of those who truly appreciate the elite quality of the Franke brand, together into this one space. The captivating presence of Franke Luxury products draws a great deal of attention. Joining all of you together through this blog, I am personally excited to watch and listen how everyone interacts, conversations flow and inspirational stories and photography develop. Enjoy!


At Franke, we’re the world’s leading provider of intelligent systems for domestic kitchens, trusted by more users, in more kitchens worldwide, than any other manufacturer. We invite you to indulge in this gorgeous world of innovation, luxury living, inspiration, and the brilliance of custom design with us.


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